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14 Ways People Destroy Their Bodies

Your body will break down so much faster if you treat it poorly

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Let me preface this by declaring that I myself am no saint.


I am just as guilty as anyone else of pigging out here and there, popping bottles, puffing on the occasional joint, and maybe doing things to my body I know I shouldn’t.


That being said, awareness is the first step to healing. The fact is, in the modern world, we are not only lied to incessantly about what is ‘healthy’, but we are kept in the dark in regards to what dangers are immediately present in our environments that most tend to overlook.


Your body is a temple.


The Chinese have a saying: 身体就是革命的本钱 which means ‘the body is the capital of the revolution’.


Think of your physical shell as a car – a Lambo or a Ferrari.


Would you use low-grade gasoline in your vehicle, or would you go out of your way to use the highest quality fuel you can get your hands on, in order to ensure a long and prosperous life?


That’s a no brainer.


After sitting down to think about this, I came up with 14 ways that people either harm their bodies, or just neglect aspects that could be easily taken care of. Enjoy!


  1. Wearing earbuds/headphones all the time


If you take a look around in public places, especially on the subway or the bus, you’ll see tons of people plugged in.


Pretty much every young person in this generation has had access to portable music and podcasts for their whole lives.


Now, it’s a known fact that in order to drown out noise, most people will turn up the volume on their devices. Guess what happens when you do that for months and years on end? Permanent hearing loss.


If not now, then in the future, I can guarantee you that tons of people are going to be suffering from poor hearing, or perhaps even total loss of hearing!

  1. Not sleeping properly, checking phone or watching tv before bed


Almost everyone is guilty of this one. Some will claim that it helps them relax, but research has shown that too much screen time too close to bed can negatively impact REM or deep sleep, which is a necessity for your cells to regenerate!


They calculated that for roughly every 10 minutes you spend staring at a screen before bed, you lose an HOUR of crucial REM sleep.


  1. Not getting exercise


We mostly live a sedentary lifestyle. As such, people just aren’t getting out and doing any sort of exercise to stay in shape.


In fact, most people have probably never even seen what they could possibly accomplish if they stuck to a basic exercise regime. Hell, at the very minimum, I suggest going for a walk at a brisk pace for at least 20 minutes every day.


That’s minimum, mind you… but if you’re reading this, hopefully you’re all about maximizing what you have. Therefore, get out and do some sort of strenuous physical activity for 30 minutes to an hour every day.


It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Here are some ideas:


  • Go to a playground near you and do calisthenics (this has worked amazingly for me)
  • Get a gym membership or membership at a rec centre
  • Shoot some hoops (play basketball)
  • Play touch football with friends
  • Swim
  • Throw a frisbee around
  • Join a boxing or mma class
  • Hop on the treadmill or elliptical
  • Do sprints


Just don’t pop your earbuds in too often and listen to anything too loud…


  1. Sitting too long


Take a good look around you when you’re out in public next time.


Almost everyone, if seated, is looking down at their phone. I don’t think I have to cite any research or studies for you to know that we’re going to be seeing a lot more people with back and eyesight issues… not to mention that their brains are turning to mush while mindlessly swiping through their apps. I literally see people do this and… I just can’t believe it sometimes.


  1. Not getting sufficient sunlight


I understand that, for some, this is certainly easier said than done. Suggesting that you pick up and move across the country might sound outlandish… but this is your health and well-being we’re talking about, after all.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I fucking love waking up to sunshine beaming through my window, birds chirping, and a light breeze every morning.


However, even if you live somewhere where sunlight is abundant, you might not realize how little you’re getting.


The summer of 2020, which I spent in western Canada, was spectacular. I’d be outside every morning at the crack of dawn, working out at various playgrounds near my place.


What struck me as odd, however, is that I’d usually be one of the only ones out… even if it was a little later in the day.


Now, sure, I get that most people are working, and they’re usually getting the job done indoors. Thing is, though, that some people almost never actually spend a significant amount of time outside in the sun… and, no, walking from the parking lot to your office doesn’t count.


What I suggest is waking up earlier, or even just waking up at the same time, but utilizing it differently. If you enjoy a morning cup of coffee while reading the newspaper, try swapping the paper for a brief walk through the neighborhood with your coffee in a thermos.


I mean, come on… the newspaper is usually full of shit anyways.


  1. Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs


Alcohol is extremely commonplace in the lives of people all across the world.


Think about it…


Birthday party? Drinks.


Date? Drinks.


Graduation? Drinks.


Promotion? Drinks.


Divorce? …lots of drinks.


There are just too many reasons to not drink.


If you must, though, please do yourself a favor and avoid beer. Grab a glass of wine or a straight whiskey. At least this way you’ll avoid getting a massive beer belly which seems so commonly characteristic of men over the age of 30 worldwide.


“Oh, this is unavoidable, it just happens.”


No. You’re smarter than that. You can’t just ‘accept’ that people get fat as they age. There is a plethora of examples of people in their 60s and on who possess physiques rivalling others half their age!


Cigarettes are also a huge hazard. If not traditional cigarettes, then it’s e-cigarettes or vaporizers, which most tend to view as less harmful. In some cases this may be true, but at the end of the day, these contain nicotine, which is highly addictive.


  1. Sugar and garbage food


If you take a real close look at a lot of our favorite foods, you’ll notice that sugar is almost always present in some for or another.


What does sugar do?


Well, for one, sugar has been shown to be almost as addictive as cocaine.


Let that sink in for a moment…


It’s in the best business interests of food companies to have you coming back for more, correct? With that in mind, it is perfectly legal to put a substance that is as addictive as cocaine into almost every food we consume.










Tomato sauce.




…Even salad dressing!


Let me be real here – sugar addiction is a very real thing. At first, it’s pretty harmless. After all, if you had grandparents you could visit, they were probably always shoving some kind of irresistible, homemade sugary delight in your face. Who can say no to grandma?


Unfortunately, this is a negative example of the slight edge effect, where you slip up a bit one day and have a few cookies… and, next thing you know, you’ve gone out and bought a whole box. Actually, make it 2. They had a deal at Costco.


Look, we’re all human, I need a doughnut or an ice cream here and there as well, but you gotta keep track of when and how much of this stuff you eat! Otherwise, I fear that once you begin to notice more acne on your face, and a bit of ‘fluff’ around your midsection… it may already be too late to simply take moderate action.


  1. Spending too much time in front of screens


This one relates to number 2.


Again, I get it, I’m human. Most people are either working in front of a screen, or entertaining themselves.


  1. Not washing your sheets and pillowcase


Yuck… I tell you, when I found out about how important it is to keep your sheets fresh and clean, I’ve made sure that they get washed at least every two weeks, if not EVERY week.


Even if you’re not bagging hot chicks left and right yet, you gotta realize that your bed accumulates a ton of nasty stuff really fast. I’m talking all sorts of germs, dead skin cells, hair, oils, and not to mention any grime and particles that get on you as you go about your day.


  1. Not switching your toothbrush out every month or so


Kind of ties into number 9.


  1. Not drinking enough water


I can’t stress enough the importance of staying hydrated and making water your primary drink of choice. Throw out the juice, pop, and even the milk. Water is king.


  1. Not using wet wipes (or, even better – a bidet)


I gotta tell you, if you’re still using toilet paper to wipe, you are missing out. Sure, wet wipes are a little pricier, but man, are they comfortable. Not only that, but there’s no scratchiness… it’s just smooth sailing down there.


  1. Not keeping phone on airplane mode, keeping phone in pocket, holding phone to head


Once I heard about how damaging the effects of radiation from cell phones can be, I’ve made it my mission to inform my friends and family.


Check out this video by PrimalHacker and see for yourself:


Almost every phone manufacturer specifies that YOU SHOULD NOT BE HOLDING UP A PHONE TO YOUR HEAD.


Unless, of course, you want to fry your brains like the rest of the masses. In that case, I’d be sorry to see you leave, dear reader.


  1. Not wiping phone clean


Think about it – we use our phones pretty much every single day, multiple times a day… sometimes, even when we’re eating (not recommended).


What do you use your phone with? Your hands! Where are your hands? Everywhere! Dirty doorknobs, your nose, some girl’s pussy, your mouth, the dirt, you name it.


Unless you wash your hands immediately after, some of that junk eventually gets on your phone… which you continue touching again and again and again!


Here’s a simple solution: Use a wet wipe to clean your phone every 2 or 3 days.


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