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8 Dirty little secrets about Canada

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Hey, listen, you want to get to know the real Canada? Here’s 8 things no mainstream or government outlet is ever going to report on. Buckle up, because I’m about to shatter some of your illusions…


In your country, what do people think of when they hear ‘Canada’? For most, it would probably be beautiful natural scenery, a democratic, fair government, educational and employment opportunities, and overall, a better life.


In reality, things aren’t necessarily as glamorous as they appear on paper.


Hopefully, dear reader, you aware that countries attempt to establish themselves the same way businesses do – as a brand.


They do this to attract wealth. If you found yourself nodding along with the descriptions I wrote above, then you’re obviously familiar with some of the advertising that the Canadian government has disseminated.


In this article, I’m going to reveal another side of Canada that you won’t read about in mainstream publications, because discouraging people from visiting or immigrating to a foreign country doesn’t make them any money! Let’s take a look at 8 things you need to know about Canada before deciding to take a trip or send your kids over.




Canada is portrayed as a place where everyone is welcome, everyone is equal, and we’re just one big happy family.


This couldn’t be further from the truth.


In the city I grew up in, whites are a minority. Over half of my classmates in school were Punjabi (Indian) or Filipino.


This poses a number of unforeseen difficulties for all ethnic groups.


Generally speaking, people tend to date within their own race and culture. Sure, there was some mixing going on, but by and large, Indians went out with Indians, Chinese with Chinese, whites with whites, and so on.


But that’s not just limited to dating. It also determines who your friends are… or aren’t.


It’s no surprise that there was literally a section of the school where all the Indian kids would hang out. White kids couldn’t walk through there without at least being glared at.


This isn’t an isolated phenomenon, either. You’ll find the same thing in the United States.


The reason I’m pointing this out, is because if you originate from a largely homogeneous culture, such as Korea, Iran, or even a Latin American country like El Salvador, you may encounter some discrimination. Hell, even if you’re white, you’ll be discriminated against in some way, shape or form by non-whites, guaranteed! Not just in school, but in everyday situations, such as buying a coffee or getting service in a restaurant.


Of course, you can’t discount the fact that people from different cultures and races do develop powerful bonds with each other. I myself have plenty of friends whom I consider very close and dear who are not white or even western. However, they are by and large the exception to the rule.


Here’s something else: the ongoing issues with the natives. In school, we’re literally taught that white European men were responsible for the eradication and subversion of the tribes of aboriginals that ‘were here first’.


There is a bit of truth to it, but it’s largely a farce. If it weren’t for the innovations of pioneering, industrious European settlers, the aboriginals would still be shitting in the streets and fucking like rabbits.


Nowadays, the government grants aboriginals a ridiculous amount of concessions, such as:

  • Free post-secondary tuition
  • No income tax
  • Hunting rights
  • The right to live on reserves (which are shitholes that no one in their right mind would even want to visit)




Everyone loves the thought of a winter wonderland, but try living through this shit for more than half the year, every year…


It’s no surprise that this aspect of life in Canada made the list. If you can’t stand the cold, if you aren’t a fan of rain, then that pretty much rules out… 95% of the country.


I got lucky in that my family settled in the area around Vancouver, in western Canada. The weather here is arguably better than anywhere else in this country. The summers are mild and pleasant, while the winters rarely ever get any colder than -5*. Snow also only falls a handful of times per year, if even that.


However, the rest of Canada? It’s basically winter for 6-8 months of the year.


No thank you.


If you have the choice to relocate yourself or your family, I totally suggest the U.S. due to the more favorable weather in places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Dallas, to name a few places.


Money, taxes, and work


The further north you go, the more expensive things get. A great site for a general idea of the cost of living in certain cities is


In fact, my family was living just a 30 minute drive from the American border.


We’d frequently pop into Washington state with a few jerry cans and fill up on gas because we ended up saving a substantial amount of money every time.


Not to mention also that we paid a mailbox service to receive packages ordered online from Amazon or other merchants, and pick our stuff up there. Shipping is almost always more expensive to Canada… if it’s even available!


Another MASSIVE price difference is in regards to housing.


Just take a look at these two listings from Zillow, in January 2021.


That’s a massive house in Las Vegas. I mean, come one – 6 bedrooms! Looks pretty new, too.


Now, let’s look at something priced very similarly in Vancouver, British Columbia…

No, those numbers are not written incorrectly. You are literally buying something significantly smaller, for almost the same price.



Of course, you first have to consider how the hell you’re even going to make money in the first place.




Is it possible? Absolutely. It just doesn’t happen often.


The damn truth is that even if you’re pretty well-off in your home country, and even if you have some contacts in Canada when you arrive, you will probably struggle a bit when you first touch down.


There are only about 38 million people in Canada. That’s about 1/8 the population of the United States.


Now, I get it – maybe you’re not all starry-eyed and trying to make it big. Maybe you just want a nice, quiet, secure life for yourself and your children. Maybe you just want to get a good job.


I won’t dig into what constitutes a ‘good job’, because the way I see it, there’s no such thing. There are only jobs that suck less than others, such as teaching English.


If you want a good job that pays above $60,000 a year, you’ll probably need at least some post-secondary accreditation, or work your way up the ladder.


You do have the option of going into trades, which tend to pay more than a lot of white-collar positions, actually. Plumbers, HVAC technicians, heavy automotive mechanics, welders, and power engineers usually clear about $100k a year once they get their 4-year certification.


Additionally, there are jobs you can take in the oil sands or as a longshoreman which don’t necessarily require schooling, but the conditions aren’t comfortable by any stretch.


You’ll be working with alcoholics, drug addicts, and any number of other low-quality individuals. If that sounds appealing to you, then be my guest.


On the flipside, a popular career on the west coast is being a realtor – selling homes.


You usually need to take a course and pass a test, which costs about $3000 and can take anywhere between 3-6 months. The catch, is that you work almost entirely on commission, so you’ll need to be particularly determined and hardy if you want to survive long enough to make any real money.


Another thing I ought to mention regarding money, is that the Canadian dollar is weakening at a startling rate.


See, the guy earning $100k a year in Canada, isn’t really earning $100k a year.


Let’s be real: no one gives a fuck about the Canadian dollar. Our dollar is currently only worth about 0.78 U.S. dollars.


And of course, let’s not overlook everyone’s favorite topic: taxes.


If you love financing the prime minister’s trip to India, or supplying drug addicts with free needles, or perhaps seeing the aboriginals receiving more and more funds and just pissing it away on drugs and alcohol, then you’ll love paying taxes in Canada.


Like other countries, we have tax brackets. The concept is simple: the more you earn, the higher you are taxed.


If you want a closer look at the federal tax brackets for 2020-2021, take a look here.


All in all, if you’re making any serious money, you are probably paying up to 50% to the government. Ouch.


Feminism and Leftism


If you’re a single man, Canada is going to disappoint you, big time.


Most women take no pride in their appearance.


They want everything handed to them on a platter, without having to provide anything in return. In short, they are ridiculously entitled and unpleasant.


They have absolutely nothing interesting to say. Not that you should aim to have in-depth, meaningful conversations with women, but they can at least be pleasant and stimulating. Not so with the majority of Canadian girls.


The main problem here is that women no longer act like women. In my experience, I was floored when I visited Asia and interacted with the women there.


Kind, pleasant, attentive, grateful, sexy, and proud to call me their man.


Dating seemed so much more… natural over there. Of course, as a man I still had to make the first move in most cases, but I received loads more attention from women there.


This point ties into point #1 – discrimination. If you want to date local women here, as an immigrant of any race, you will most likely be disappointed, especially if you come from a culture where women are still highly value finding a man for marriage and starting a family.


And if you’re planning to move here with your wife or girlfriend… I got news for you: she will be corrupted in one way or another, sooner or later.


She will inevitably witness and interact with other women who have their husbands or boyfriends ‘whipped’ – as in, she controls the relationship, and expects the man to handle all the tedious and difficult responsibilities, while she coasts through life.


Lastly, I need to mention the draconian divorce laws in this country.


I’ll put it bluntly: if a woman, for any reason at all, chooses to divorce you, the courts will rule in her favor 99% of the time, even if you’ve been doing everything right. She will take half your stuff, and your kids, and you’ll be legally obligated to finance her lifestyle while she sleeps with other men and raises more degenerate children who grow up without a father.


This will be especially strange to hear if you come from a conservative culture, where it may be  blasphemous to even consider NOT getting married and starting a family.


The fact is, in the west at least, the drawbacks of marriage far outweigh the benefits for men.


Now, I lumped leftism in with feminism because it is due to having socialist policies in the government that belief systems like feminism are infecting the minds of westerners.


On a related note, homosexuality is also a rampant phenomenon here. If you think it’s repulsive to see men holding hands, or even fornicating in public, then for the love of God, stay away from this country.


Not to mention also that a number of businesses are displaying rainbow flags or ‘pride colors’ in an effort to appeal to a wider demographic, and, (surprise), sell more products.




You need a car. Good luck getting around without one.


Pretty much no Canadian can imagine life without a set of wheels, because things are so damn far apart.


Think of everyday places you need to go – work, school, the supermarket, a friend’s house, and so on. Even in major, developed cities, public transportation is a joke compared to many other countries.


The necessity of a vehicle works out great for businesses. The fact is, most people have this ‘keeping up with the Jones mentality’, where if you don’t have the latest smartphone or vehicle, you’ll be looked down upon and thought of as poor, and no one wants to be seen as poor… right?


You have to stop and ask yourself, though – how the hell do all these people afford these high-end items?


The short answer is they can’t.


Most phones are sold with an accompanying plan that ties you into paying an exorbitant monthly fee for 2-3 years.


Same thing with cars – almost everyone leases their vehicles. Gotta have that Tesla, right? You’ve no doubt also heard about the massive student debt crisis.


Only, it’s not a crisis for the people lending the money, but just for the dumb kids and parents who thought it was a good idea to borrow tens of thousands of dollars with absolutely no guarantee that they’d be able to pay back the debt within a reasonable time frame.


The horror stories you hear about broke graduates working menial, minimum wage jobs is absolutely true.


Not all of them, because some were smart enough at least to study in a field with a proven , in-demand job market, such as skilled trades.


And of course, the biggest debt burden that everyone dreams of having: a big house.


It’s almost unheard of for anyone to pay for a home in cash, on the spot. That shit just doesn’t happen.


Mortgages are the norm. Locking yourself in for 30 years to pay for the place you live in sounds like a smart thing to do for most people.


Look, it’s not for me to say what you should or shouldn’t do. However, I strongly advise anyone who doesn’t have the financial means to outright buy a home, to not dive right in. and do your research.


Debt is a principal reason for why many people in the west are unhappy. They literally cannot stop working to pay off their debt, or else they’ll be legally culpable.


Degenerate Culture



I’ve saved the best for last here.


Pretty much everything that people hate about America, is also prevalent in Canada.


You could even go as far as to say that Canada is the 51st state, despite how the government mandates that at least 35% of the content displayed in the media be ‘Canadian’.


Drug use, violence, domestic spying, military practices, racial segregation, rising cost of living, ideological division, rampant consumerism, based materialism, and a widespread systematic dumbing down of the population, are all problems that exist in Canada as well.


For example, marijuana was legalized for recreational use in mid-2018. Now, almost every time I step outside, I kid you not, I can smell weed or even see someone smoking it out in the open.


One positive I can’t help but mention:


Your reason for immigrating might just be for the sake of utility – i.e. getting permanent residency or a passport.


If that’s the case, Canada is not a bad choice, especially when compared to the U.S.


The number one reason I can tell you is because, although as an American citizen or green card holder, you’ll have the right to abode, do business, and so on in America, you are taxed on your worldwide income EVEN IF you don’t live in the United States, and you are legally required to report all sources of income to the IRS. Canada is different in that sense.


As mentioned above, Canadians are practically Americans in terms of everything except name and right to abode, etc.


Canadians are the nationality for which it is easiest to come and go through the U.S.


Even just a few years ago, you didn’t even need a passport to drive across the border.


You can stay in the United States for up to 6 months at a time, and basically as long as you want within a given year, given that the border agent processing you doesn’t have reason to suspect anything.


Regarding taxes, Canada only taxes you based on residency, not on citizenship, like in the States. Although, that may change…

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