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A Must-Read Before You Try to ‘Make Money Online’

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So you’ve chosen to dive into online business…

Congratulations. You’re one of the few who is smart enough to take advantage of the plethora of resources available to humanity, in this day and age, to make a shit ton of cash.

Just think – your parents, your grandparents, and all your other ancestors, probably slaved away for years and years at a career, just to pay off a mortgage and send you to college. ‘The dream’, right?


But, this journey is not without its hardships.

In this article, I’m going to go over the mentality you need to have if you’re serious about making money online. I’m also going to quickly go over the different business models that you can use.

  1. Perpective


You’re an entrepreneur. You’re going down a path that is not traditional for most. I find that many who are in this space, become detached from what ‘regular’ people are thinking.

And they should. If you want to make real money, and live an incredible life, you simply cannot think on the same level as the masses do. You must rise above.

But, perspective…

The average person, first of all, does not believe that it’s possible for a normal person to make money on the internet.

There are some who do… but they don’t believe you can make A LOT of money on the net, and they certainly don’t think that YOU can do it. They think you have to be a fucking genius, or a snake oil salesman, in order to crack 6 figures a year.

The reason I’m writing this right now, is to let you know that you’re not alone. Although, it can be a very lonely journey, because, in a way, we’re pioneers. It takes an iron mind to go against traditional advice and cultural conditioning, in order to achieve more with your life.

2. Dealing with Family


I recently had a conversation with my parents, and my dad told me that there are certain things that need to be accomplished by a certain age. He didn’t go into details, but I’m sure he meant that by 30, for example, you want to have a home, maybe a car or two, and some kind of solid way to make money. 

I agree. Thing is, the reason he said that, is because he still doesn’t understand the path I, and many others, have chosen.

I don’t share much of my personal life with any of my family anymore, because they don’t get it.

He has never made more than $10,000 a month. He has never run his own business. He has never had to do cold outreach to sell something to complete strangers. Outside of the stock market, he’s never made any money online.

Your parents are probably the same way.

See, I used to get upset, and try to explain it to them…

Then, I realized that words are useless. 

Results speak for themselves. Don’t ever, ever waste your time trying to justify your lifestyle and choices to anyone. 

I’m not quite there yet, but I’m looking forward to sending my family screenshots of payments from clients. $2000, $3000, $5000… I already know it will make them overjoyed. They won’t be able to believe it at first, but they won’t be able to deny that I was fucking right all along. I was onto something, and they didn’t see it. 

And when they do, everything will fall in place. Any criticisms you may have had to bear, will fizzle out. You won’t have to explain anything… they’ll just know “damn… he believed in himself, even when we had lost hope that he’d do anything with his life”.

Hopefully you’re a little younger than me. I’m 25, turning 26 in a month, and since finishing high school, I had my parents breathing down my neck, pressuring me to do the same asinine bullshit that so many others do – you know, the whole ‘go to college, get a good job’ thing.

Don’t give in, no matter how much pressure your family puts on you. 

3. Expectations


Another thing to keep in mind, is that it takes time to be profitable online.

BUT, that time can be drastically cut down, depending on how hard you work. If you’re offering a service, such as Facebook ads, SEO, copywriting, or email marketing, the more people you reach out to in your market, the sooner you’ll land paying clients. It’s just a numbers game.

I mean, let’s be real – it sucks at first. The businesses I started before never required this level of patience and commitment.

My English tutoring business grew totally through word of mouth. In China, it really can be this easy – just be white, be presentable, have infinite patience, and have a way with children. Chinese parents always like to talk to other parents, and will be happy to throw business your way if you do a decent job.

My Home service business had leads coming in constantly on Yelp and Bark, as well as word of mouth referrals. In fact, I got my first gig off of Craigslist (for those outside of North America – a site where you can sell stuff in your house, or services such as gutter cleaning, like I did).

But selling online services, when nobody knows you and you have no experience, is a lot tougher.

Hence why I strongly suggest you don’t quit your job until you can at least prove that you can get results, and you have enough savings to cover a few months’ living expenses.

4. SOS – Shiny Object Syndrome


I don’t have some colourful history of being an entrepreneur since I was a child or anything like you read in some of these autobiographies. 

I got my first job at 12 years old, delivering papers. Hated it.

I then worked at McDonald’s for 3 years. Mostly hated it, but sometimes it could be fun, depending on who was there. It was around this time that I started to think about what else I could do to make more money, doing something that didn’t suck as much.

I worked in a pseudo-Italian restaurant for a few months after my first (and only real) year of university. For the most part, this was fun for me. I got along well enough with most people there.

However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that the kinds of people who work in restaurants are usually complete fuckups. I mean, more than half of my coworkers did cocaine, which I’ve never touched and never will touch. 

Thankfully, I was heading to China after a few months, so it really didn’t matter. They eventually started cutting down my hours. It was a blessing in disguise, though, because I then had the time to try out some different jobs, namely, demolition and landscaping.

I then tutored English in China, and also did some tattoos. 

Nobody ever believes me, at all, when I tell them I used to do tattoos. Well, there’s your proof. 

Anyways, shiny object syndrome – how does this all tie into that, and what is it?

Basically, once you start attuning your mind more towards making money and business, you’ll begin seeing opportunities everywhere to make money… and it can be overwhelming, to the point where you don’t know what to do. A lot of people, like myself in the past, fall into the trap of trying a million things at once, and end up failing at all of them. 

It is so much better to just choose one skill, one business model, and focus on delivering results with that first. before moving on to something else.

Now, the business models…

If you’re totally new to business, and you don’t have much capital, then I highly suggest starting a service business.

Reason being, is that the capital required to start is usually low, and you can learn how to perform a lot of services just by watching Youtube, and maybe taking a course or coaching program.

If you’re in a western country, and you really want to get started right away, take a look at the article I wrote about starting your own home services business. You can also grab my ebook teaching you EXACTLY how to start, what you’ll need, and how you can make AT LEAST $1000 in your first month, if you apply everything I teach.

But, this article is about online business, so I’ll lay out the top skills you can sell for high-ticket prices online:

  • copywriting
  • email marketing
  • facebook ads
  • SEO
  • Coaching

You can read more about these skills in the article I wrote here. 

When I first saw people on Twitter talking about this stuff, I was still skeptical. I thought there was no way businesses are paying upwards of $2000 a month for these services… but they are.

I hope this article was helpful for you. Let me know in the comments if there’s something else you’d like me to include – I want to make this knowledge accessible and understandable to anyone who had the same ambitions as I did, but just couldn’t comprehend how it all works.

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