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Are You Falling Behind?

Feeling like you're falling behind in life can cause depression

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Are you falling behind? 

Do you feel like life is passing you by? 

You’re not alone. Things are changing faster than they ever have. Back in the day, you could ask your parents or family members for advice, and usually, it would be moderately helpful.

Nowadays, however, older folks just can’t keep up. It’s too much for them.

I’m not discounting that parents and family members have good intentions…

But the reality is that most of them are too disconnected from the issues young people face these days. In a lot of cases, their advice might actually detrimental to your success.

This article is about

  • Not feeling sorry for yourself
  • Overcoming feelings of jealousy
  • Recognizing that everyone walks their own path
  • As long as you have a clear goal in mind and are working towards it, you’ll be fine

If you feel like you’re falling behind, don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself

With some concentrated effort, your situation can change faster than you think.

If you’re ambitious and competitive, you probably get pissed off often.

You hate losing.

You believe that you deserve to win.

You, not the other guy.

We’re living in a time where you’re just supposed to ‘chill out, man’ and ‘be patient’. You’re not supposed to rise up and show others what you’re made of, but rather just trudge along in the mud with the 99%.

Fuck that.

Look, I’m all for other people achieving success and doing well – good for them.

But when you feeling stagnant, when you feel like you’re beating your head against the wall… it sucks.

It’s frustrating. You know you can be at their level, and even higher.

You try to compensate, and tell yourself that you have xyz qualities or skills. Ok, sure, but that’s just another cope.

If you feel like you ‘missed out’ on some massive windows of opportunity…

If you’re a ‘late bloomer’ – someone who took longer to understand certain concepts and have certain experiences than other people…

That’s how I felt.

But that doesn’t have to be you. Hence why I share my thoughts on Keys to the Castillo.

I want young people, and young guys in particular, to get on it sooner than later.

You don’t need to take years and years to ‘find yourself’ – this is a fallacy, a terribly misleading idea that’s propped up in western culture – in the movies, on Instagram, Youtube, and so on.

Just be honest and admit that you want lots of money, women, and freedom to do as you please.

You want the good life. You want a beautiful home (or 4), you want respect and recognition for your abilities.

With that being said, making money needs to become priority number one for you.

No, it’s not shallow or superficial, it’s just reality.

Not everything is about money, but just about everything has some sort of cost associated with it, either directly or indirectly.

Having money is a hell of a lot better than not having it.

Plus, you’re not getting any younger. While working towards making more money, start doing things you’ve always wanted to do.

Start learning boxing. Start learning Spanish. Start playing the guitar. Whatever it is you want to do, just start.

See if it’s really for you. Enjoy the process. Stop comparing yourself to the pros in your field, and just work on improving whatever skill it is you want to learn.

You’d be surprised – it’s totally possible for you to get really, really good in as little as 6 months, and even better than some of the people in that field whom you look up to.

Back to money – look, I’m all for going into business. If you haven’t already, read up on how I finally figured out what business to start. It’s not as hard as you think.

However, I recognize that much can also be gained by working a job. You certainly can learn a lot and move up the ranks.

I have a friend who’s been working in construction for 5 years now, and he’s been on massive development projects – projects where he’s still learning something new every day.

However, I always say go into business, because your income is uncapped. You are shouldering a lot more responsibility, but that’s also why you’re earning way more. The sky’s the limit.

With a salary, or an hourly wage, the amount you can earn has a ceiling, unless you get promoted or switch to a higher-paying position.

Making money also gives you massive peace of mind. It lets you breathe much more easily, so that you can go off and pursue your other goals.

After all, that’s what the money’s for in the first place – to buy you things that give value to your life.

Your competition is working like mad. The younger you are, the easier it will be to get a head start – most young people really are just frittering away their time.

This is undisputable – most young people are ‘lost’ and have no clear idea of where they want to go, who they want to be, and what they want to do.

Get a clue.

Doing something is better than doing nothing and just staying in the same place.

Not everyone has access to mentors or more accomplished individuals who are willing to sit down and offer guidance. I had a bit of that, but it was mostly up to me to figure things out for myself. On that note…

If you can’t meet a mentor organically, just hire one.

Mentor/coach = same thing. If you can pay an expert in your field a few hundred dollars monthly for ongoing coaching, it will more likely than not pay off.

Not always, but usually it will. Mostly, that payoff comes from saving a ton of time and money that would’ve otherwise been wasted making mistakes that they can steer you away from.

Making lots of money really does start with your mindset. You have to believe that you deserve to have the kind of lifestyle you dream about.

Not in a cocky sort of way, but in the sense of ‘why not me?’ There is no rule or decree that you yourself cannot live the life you dream about. Literally nobody else is stopping you. Nobody is trying to sabotage you.

Final point: expanding on a cliché idea: provide value.

Don’t overthink it – let the market tell you what it wants, then deliver the value. Ideally, the value you deliver is something easy for you, but very important for your buyer.

This was soooo hard for me to understand in my early 20s. I thought you had to have some ‘revolutionary’ new idea in order to strike it big and make a ton of money.

Nope, not how it works.

Here’s how it actually works:

See what people are buying.

What already works?

What’s selling?

That doesn’t mean start selling fidget spinners because it’s trendy – that’s just a fad. Rather, identify products and services that people are already paying for. See what you are already paying for. 

Do some research, and see if you can sell the same thing. In the summer of 2020, I read on a forum that a guy younger than me was making a killing selling home services.

Namely, cleaning rain gutters, and washing windows. I had no idea this could be so profitable! After learning more about it, I realized that I could easily do it, and that there was ample demand.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – if it’s so easy to clean rain gutters and windows, why should people choose me, instead of the dozens of other companies out there doing the same thing?

Here’s 2 business secrets I’ll share with you:

Most businesses have shit customer service. Even if the service is decent, sales reps usually don’t know how to connect with clients properly and form lasting relationships. 

Also, lots of people in business are cheap, cheap, cheap, and it ends up hurting them. One major way I was able to gain so much traction early on in my business, was by using paid advertising.

It was incredibly simple – I’d pay a few hundred bucks a month, and Yelp would make my business appear at the very top of the search results for anything related to exterior cleaning.

With just one or two jobs, I could make that investment back, while other businesses kept a death grip on their money.

Choose something and stick to it. One of the biggest problems people have when getting into business, is giving up way too soon. 

Going back to the late bloomer thing-

It took me a long time to understand certain things.

It took me a while to understand:

I do want to be rich, and starting a business was the only way for me to make it happen, since I did not want to jump through the hoops of education and climbing the corporate ladder.

Women like the lifestyle that money can buy.

It is no secret, but way too many guys are in denial of this, like I was.

This is why you see the hottest girls in the most high-end places.

I do not recommend trying to be the broke guy who tries to use ‘game’ to compensate for his lack of resources and accomplishments.

Why not become a man of real substance – a man who has accomplished great things, including making a lot of money?

It’s so much easier that way, but most aren’t willing to do the work to get there.

Making money online’ is a horrible goal. Scratch that – it’s not a goal at all. It’s embarrassing to admit, but it took me a while to understand the various business models that people use to make money on the internet.

I would always see guys on Twitter talking about how they got clients to pay upwards of 2k a month for their services.

What?! How are 18 year-olds charging this much? What could they possibly know or be doing that people will pay them that amount for?

Well, I managed to narrow it down to about 4 business models, with some overlap.

  • Creating and managing online ads – facebook, Instagram, youtube, and so on
  • Copywriting – sales pages, emails/email marketing
  • SEO
  • Web design
  • The reason these kids can charge so much for this stuff, is because the value of their service directly brings back the money invested in them, and more. Basically, if a company pays 2k a month for ads, and the ads bring in 10k, the company is overjoyed and in many cases will offer to pay even more in order to get more sales. You could argue that web design doesn’t quite work like this, and you’d be right, but the design definitely does affect conversions to a degree.


The next step, was picking a business model, then figuring out how to get customers.

This is where outreach comes in. It’s the real grind – you have to send messages to anyone in your niche – aka the people you are selling to and have already shown that they are buying what you’re selling.

You can do this one of two ways – offer to work for free and get a few case studies, to establish that, yes, you can et results aka help the company generate revenue, and so, now you can approach other companies with this data and testimonials from the ones you’ve worked with, and they will be much more likely to actually pay you.

The other way, is to start charging right out the gate, if you’re confident that you can deliver. Put it this way – the very worst thing that can happen, is you do a crap job – in that case, give the money back.

Actually, here’s another little secret – after acquiring an interested lead, you don’t have to actually fulfill the service.

You can collect the lead’s money, then hire someone who already knows how to deliver the results they’re looking for. Pocket the difference. The lead doesn’t have to know that you’re not actually the individual fulfilling the service at all.

They just care about getting it done.

Another thing that took me a while to realize is that you absolutely CAN learn pretty much anything.

So, learn skills that are in high demand and provide a lot of value.

A big problem I had was thinking that I had nothing to offer.

Look, we’re all born into this world knowing nothing.

We are living in the information age – you literally have an abundance of free material to learn any skill you wish FOR FREE at your fingertips with the internet.

If you don’t think you have something of value to provide, learn. T

his is the ugliest part of business that people don’t talk about – it will probably suck for the first few months.

You’ll have to do what you have to do to make money in the meantime, which might mean continuing to work a shit job, and then spend a lot of free time learning a skill that can eventually generate income for you.

When it comes to blogging, like many, I couldn’t wrap my head around how they make money.

Well, it’s simple: people read, and often come back to a blog, because it has the answers to questions and issues they have.

95% of those solutions and answers are free – they’re the articles you read.

The remaining 5% is paid for, usually in the form of books, coaching, and courses.

You can also do affiliate marketing.

Again, the foundation is that your blog offers unquestionable value to the reader, so much so, that they buy something from you. 

You’ve demonstrated, with your free content, that you can actually help, so the reader figures that your paid stuff is probably even better, which it may or may not be.


I don’t know everything, but I’d like to think I’m astute enough to recognize errors in my thinking, and spell them out for you here, so that you don’t make the same mistakes, and keep feeling like there’s no hope for you. 

There is. Things will come together.

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