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Here’s the Right Mindset to Make Money Online

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If you’re already thinking about making money on the internet, then you’re a big step ahead of most people.

This is pretty insane, but think about it – tons of people around the world are making money online – every



They are not snakeoil salesmen (although some are more unscrupulous than others)…

They are performing an honest transaction, where the buyer WANTS and CRAVES what the seller is selling, whether it be ebooks, courses, skincare products, food, supplements, you name it.

My point is, that you shouldn’t feel ‘guilty’ or apprehensive about selling online.

Out of all the unlimited ways to sell something and add value to other people’s lives, there are ways for you to do so over the internet, where your buyers will gladly hand over their money. In fact, they’ll virtually shove it in your face and beg you to take it.

This is a problem I had for a long, long time. I thought that I was worthless, and that I would never figure out what to sell, or what kind of business to get into.

I paid coaches and read countless articles and books about business, but nothing was really clicking.

Until I finally understood two monumental truths:

  1. A niche that works for one person may not work for you. It’s a matching game. You have to try different niches and see what works for you. You have to look at what’s already selling in the market, identify something that resonates with you (and not just because it sells a lot), and just start. Start learning about the industry. Understand why this product or service sells, and what need or desire it fulfills. How do the buyers feel about it? What compels them to fork over their cash for this particular thing, even if, in some cases, they’re on the verge of being broke?

For example, I make sure I buy certain supplements and foods every month like clockwork. It’s a standard I have for my health! No matter how everything else in my life is looking, I need to have those things to maintain my baseline! Another person’s baseline might be relatively poor – no supplements, no exercise, poor sleep, alcohol and drugs, low-quality, processed food, and so on…

That other person isn’t in your target market if you’re selling supplements. Sure, you can try to convince those people to start taking their health more seriously….

But it’s much easier to sell to people who are already sold on what you have.

The second part of the conundrum, is simply standing out from the other sellers in your market, in some way. Which leads me to my next crucial point…


  1. There’s always, ALWAYS a way to stand out and bring something ‘new’ to the table.

I put quotes around the word ‘new’, because it’s a bit of a lie. See, there is nothing truly ‘new’ under the sun. Everything that ever will be, already is… just, not necessarily in the form it will be.

The parts and elements required to manufacture and iphone were always here on earth. It just took humanity years and years to conceive the idea of the iphone, combine and create the necessary components, and present them as you see it now.

I know, that’s a bit of an extreme example, so let me give you a much more ubiquitous one:

Workout programs.

Every gym bro and his bro are selling workout programs to ‘help you quickly and easily get that lean, shredded physique that women go crazy for… in under 6 weeks’.

Not all of those programs sell well, but hey – at least they tried! At least they went through the process of putting a product or service out there in a proven market.

If anything, the 3 reason programs like these don’t sell well, or at all, is because they fail to

  • Create a sense of satisfaction upon learning about it so that the buyer feels SAFE and CONFIDENT that this is FINALLY the product that is going to solve their problem, because chances are, this is not the first workout program they’ve found
  • Market themselves and get the word out. Imagine you have the cure for cancer. Let’s say it’s a pill. Take the pill, and every trace of cancer just vanishes, leaving nothing but a healthy, rejuvenated, and revitalized human being, ready to get on with life and enjoy their time on earth. Every single cancer patient in the world would BEG for it… if they knew you had it. There’s a saying in Chinese that goes something like, ‘the scent of wine does not fear a long alley’. To explain this in practical terms, it means that the more marketing you have in place, the better. The more people you tell, the more you get the word out, the more sales you’ll possibly get
  • Actually solve the problem. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve bought products




When you market your product, you have to market the optimal results. ‘Take my day trading course and learn to make your first million this year, quit your job, spend more time with your family, etc etc’

It actually IS possible to have that reality….

But it’s never explicitly stated in the course that following EVERYTHING will yield a bank balance within 30 days or something.

The thought process behind buying things like supplements and courses, is that you are weighing risks.

Do I risk not buying this, keeping my money, and potentially miss out on a supplement that could radically boost my health? Or information that could completely skyrocket my income? Or my ability to seduce women? Or my language skills? Etc etc

Or, do I shell out $20, $50, $100, $1000, or even more, to take some bogus supplement that might even HARM my health, or bogus information doesn’t actually solve my problem, even though the precise information that I need is actually out there and CAN solve my problem, for perhaps even a FRACTION of the cost of this crap course or book?

If you buy, you’re confirming that the POTENTIAL to have a supplement or course or book or whatever that WORKS and CHANGES YOUR LIFE is worth more than the amount of money you’re willing to exchange for it.

If you don’t, then it’s saying that you lack confidence in the offer.

Let’s look at penis enlargement pills, for example.

The market is flooded, but it’s the 80/20 rule – 80% of the sales come from 20% of the products in that market. Why? Because most of the other stuff either doesn’t inspire confidence in the buyer, or, it’s not marketed effectively.

There are products that sell well that might only have mediocre effects, but they sell well because of the placebo effect – people believe so deeply in the marketing message given to them regarding the product, that even though the product doesn’t work anywhere near as effectively as advertised, people continue to buy it, because it’s easy. They already trust it. Plus, it would be ‘too ‘much’ for them to handle a change to another brand and even ‘betray’ the brand they’ve built up so much loyalty with.

Brands are a badge of honor for some people.


I’m just spilling my thoughts out here. The thing is, there are tons and tons of great potential entrepreneurs, who could be making a LOT of money, if they would only just get past the initial hurdle of deciding what to sell.

Think of it this way – you’ll never run out of things to sell. You can either sell someone else’s creation, or your own. And no, it’s not ‘dishonest’ to sell and advertise anything, although certain people do give sales and marketing that reputation.

Think about things that you’ve bought.

Think about things you would LIKE to buy.

Think about things you would like to buy, but don’t quite exist in the form you want them to yet.

The late Gary Halbert even said that, ‘ the best strategy, is to improve or modify something that is already proven to be selling’.

That can even be as subtle as the logo, the packaging, or the marketing copy. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel – just present in an engaging way that makes buyers feel SAFE and CONFIDENT that THIS IS THE PRODUCT THEY’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR.


Keep your eyes open. Keep these things in mind every time you are shopping. Pay attention to your own psychology and what you choose to buy and why.

For example, the other day, I wanted to get some marula oil. A week ago, I’d never even heard of marula oil. It wasn’t until a dating coach I sometimes watch on Youtube suggested this product. But, what about his suggestion even made me consider making the purchase? Well, two things – one, that since I’ve watched him for a while, I have indeed noticed his complexion improve. Whether that’s because of the use of marula oil or another product or diet change, I can’t know for sure. The other reason, was because he appealed to my desire to attract women. He spelled it out pretty logically – if you don’t look your best, if you don’t look cool, the ‘lines’ you use won’t matter much, so you should strive to do everything you can in order to improve your looks. Using a product like marula oil is a relatively inexpensive option that can yield massive results. Think about it – if buying a bottle of marula oil for anywhere between 10-70 dollars, and using for a while, will make your skin clear up, to the point where women are much more interested in you due to heightened attractiveness, then it was worth it, right? Hell, imagine if a supermodel was interested in you because of how the oil has improved you looks, whereas she wouldn’t have found you attractive otherwise.


You’re always appealing to emotions. That doesn’t mean you’re manipulating people – remember, the cure to cancer analogy. Since there are so many charlatans out there lying about a product or series of products they have that can cure cancer, you will probably mistaken as one of the rest, unless you position yourself properly in your marketing, to let people see that yes, you’re the real deal.


The product/service must speak for itself.


I conducted an experiment where I took xyz supplement for 30 days and logged the effects. I then got a blood test on the 30th day, and yes, my testosterone was DOUBLE what it was before! … or something like that.

Or, even simpler.



This is why you reach out to your followers/subscribers and give them your product for free before you start selling it. You get them to prove it works. You get them to read a book and follow the directions, which could mean logging their workout hours or something and then using video testimonials later to prove how they lost 10, 20, or even, 30 pounds in a month.

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