Keys to the Castillo

They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Well, they’d be surprised at just how many MORE ways there are to make stacks on the internet.

One of my favorite ways to do so, is to design and optimize websites for businesses. 

I mean, let’s be real – if you don’t have a website, in many cases, you’re going to be at a disadvantage… especially if you run a local business.

Most notably, one of the major disadvantages of not having a site of your own, that you control, is that you’re missing out on tons of web traffic from people in your area…

Who are actively looking for the products or services you provide!

You’re smart, so you’re probably already aware of what SEO is, but for those of you who don’t, it’s basically just a way to optimize every single part of your website, so that Google recognizes it as an authority on whatever subject it’s about, and ranks it highly when someone searches for relevant terms.

That, and presenting your company in a professional and eye-catching manner, are probably the two biggest advantages to having a proper website running for you.

If you haven’t guessed already, I designed this site myself. 

You can also take a look at a recent project I did for a trucking company back in British Columbia, where I’m originally from.

All in all, that took me about 2 days of focused work – and that’s just to produce the initial site. I’ve since made tweaks here and there.

I was paid $1000 for it.

I don’t say that to brag – in fact, lots of professionals would probably chuckle at such a low price.

But why would that be, you might ask?

Well, as I was saying earlier, one reason why having a website is so critical in this day and age, is because you can capture traffic on it.

And that traffic can convert – which means people will either at least give you a call or get in touch with you to inquire about buying from your company,

Or, they’ll just outright buy from you!

Think about it – it’s not just a website. It’s not there to just look fancy.

It’s an asset that, if tweaked correctly, will continue to bring in business for… well, as long as it’s up on the internet!

Suddenly, with this in mind, a professional charging 




…or even more, is totally justified, because it could potentially recoup that investment on the part of the business owner, within a month… or even less!


So, how’d I even get started doing this?

I’d been interested in web design for a while before I actually dove into it. 

I mean, I’d even bought hosting from other companies, like Hostgator, and started some sites on there…

But I kept getting fed up with how difficult and tough to navigate it was, at first.

This was mainly a problem with my focus, though. 

Anyways, after neglecting these sites for a while, I started to give up on web design.

I then got a promo email from Lawrence King on Twitter. In it, he offered an affiliate discount on Dan Koe’s Web Design Wealth course – and the price was a drop in the bucket. 

I figured why not – worst case scenario, I now have a roadmap for how to create decent websites, at the very least for myself.

The course is now included in the ‘Modern Money Bundle’

That’s not an affiliate link – I just highly recommend it for anyone looking to get a head start on building websites, and especially if you are totally new to online business.

Oh yeah, and not only did he introduce me to Elementor, but I also switched over from Hostgator to Siteground – and I’m quite content with this decision. Mainly, because Siteground’s layout is soo much cleaner and straightforward. Plus, their support has actually solved my problems every time something has come up.



What are some other benefits to learning web design?

  • copywriting
  • seo
  • you can create landing pages where you integrate an email opt in
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