Keys to the Castillo

How to Develop a Long Term Vision

Table of Contents

  • Don’t be short-sighted
  • even if you may gain a little in the short run, you’re costing yourself big opportunities in the long run
  • this appleis to everything. for example relationships – offer to pay a bill when you go out to eat with friends. yes you lose a bit of money, but money should be viewed as a tool to build relationships
  • same thing in business. how do you think netflix dominated everyone, or amazon? they were actually not profitable for a long time. but their long term vision was to dominate the market, then raise their prices
  • same thing with girls. way too many guys sleep spend tons of time and money going out to meet chicks, sleep with them, and then the relationship fizzles out quickly. its way better to seek out chicks who you can have around long term, so that you dont have to constantly be going out for churn and burn
  • health. so many people easily succumb to eating junk food, because itll make them feel good in the moment. same with drugs. in the long run, we all know these things are horrible. going to the gym is tough for a lot of people initially, but once you get on a roll, it completely changes the trajectory of your life. I’m in good shape now and turn heads everywhere I go because I’ve been working out religiously for over 10 years now!

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