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Re: Why you haven’t found the massive success you want yet


Some ambitious people will claim that they want to be successful, and that often entails financial freedom and filling your days doing things you actually want to do (and not doing what you dislike).


If you are born in a western country, you have all the opportunities in the world available to you. The only limitations you have are a) your genetics, and b) the limits you place upon yourself.


Unfortunately, living in the western world tends to make the majority of people very complacent and satisfied with mediocrity.


Why is it that so many immigrants who decide to start over in Canada or America end up making it big?


Let’s take a peek at what really can led you to success, and how you can start moving towards it after reading and digesting the information contained within this article today.


1) Becoming successful takes work


And perhaps not in the traditional sense. For example, if you want to be a professional dancer, you’d better be dancing as much as you possibly can.


But what about feeding yourself? Putting a roof over your head? They never really go over that stuff in the movies, do they?


Fact is, if you want to follow a path to something greater, whatever it may be, you will have to eat some shit.


You might have to work a minimum wage job to make ends meet while you perfect your craft on the side. You might have to live with people who are the scum of the earth while you slave away at building your business. You might have to keep doing mundane, repetitive work in order to fully understand the fundamentals of what it is you’re trying to execute.


2) Becoming successful takes a sustained commitment over a long period of time


If you decide to brush your teeth once a week, but you do it ‘extra well’ in order to make up for the other 6 days that you allowed bacteria to wreak havoc upon your dental health, do you really believe that you’ll have a cleaner mouth than the guy who brushes every day for just 3 minutes?


Fuck no. Not in this lifetime, nor the next.


Fact is, the more consistent you are with your practice, the faster you will get to where you want to be. Not to mention that it’ll also be a hell of a lot EASIER. Success doesn’t need to be that ‘hard’ if you’re putting in the time and effort every fucking day to move one. Step. Closer. To where you want to go.


For example, as I was learning how to become a professional tattoo artist, all I had to do was show up every day to the shop, follow what my master taught me, and not give up. There were some pictures that I was asked to re-draw maybe 3 or 4 times… and these weren’t just basic stick figures. They were full-on tattoo masterpieces. I could’ve just thrown in the towel and went my own way, but I was willing to do what it took to make my vision a reality.


3) You are focusing on bullshit that gurus have sold you on, instead of just doing the work


I’m not bashing anyone specifically. While I do believe that cold showers, having a proper ‘morning ritual’, visualizing what you want, and repeating affirmations to yourself all have their place, the fact of the matter is, you don’t need this stuff when you’re just starting out. What you need to do is actually figure out what the hell you want, make a plan for it, and then figure out what the specific actions are that you need to take to get there.


Equally important, however, is identifying what not to do.


You don’t need to spend hours, days, or weeks researching what action you should take before you even make a move.


You don’t need to make a major announcement to all your friends and relatives about the project or change you want to take on in your life.


You certainly don’t need to watch countless videos from gurus talking about business strategies that are way beyond you in the initial stages.


Speaking from experience, one of the biggest issues I had was starting an internet business. Oddly enough, I had done some freelancing here and there that had the obvious potential to become full-fledged businesses, but I was like a monkey with a machine gun, just firing way randomly, hoping that I’d hit something, rather than focusing my efforts and being more strategic in my planning. I was always searching for that ‘perfect business’ that I would be totally passionate about and make me a multimillionaire.


It doesn’t quite work like that… at least, not the first time around, usually. This all leads me into my fourth point…


4) You have not defined success


Seriously, what does ‘success’ look like to you?


For me, it means:

  • Having the body of a Greek God
  • Doing mostly what I want, and almost nothing that I don’t want to
  • Having my meals prepared by a pro chef
  • Having great relationships with friends, family, and women in my life
  • Living in the home and location that I want, not that I can merely afford
  • Feeling in control and excited about my life
  • Having enough money to not mind how much the price is for something I want

… just to name a few points. Feel free to make your own list.


  1. You are afraid of success


Oh shit, here we go…


“Are you serious? Why would I be afraid of driving a lambo and banging models every day?”


That’s not exactly what I’m referring to.


Rather, I’m talking about two elements specifically.


Firstly, the road to success almost always requires sacrifices to made. I’m not trying to be all dramatic here, but I am saying that you’ll have to cut out habits, people, and thoughts if you really want to make it. Even though you may think that you’re doing those things, there’s always some more ‘pruning’ that you could be doing.


You want to lose weight, yet you’re still indulging yourself once a week on cake and ice cream? Cut that out, too, and just observe how much faster the fat will melt off.


You want to focus on building a business, but you still pull up Youtube and a bunch of social media sites as soon as your computer boots up? Discipline yourself, cut it out, and focus on what you really want.


Secondly, you might feel guilty about pursuing and attaining success.


There are millions of people out there starving. Why should you get to eat like a king?


There are millions of people out there who are depressed. Why should you get to be happy and enjoy your life?


There are millions of people who are lonely. Why should you get to spend time with people you love, and who love you?


None of the above facts are helping you achieve success in any way. Frankly, after having observed how people behave in different countries, cultural environments, and socio-economic backgrounds, I realize that there are some truths about people that are more or less true across the board.


One of those truths, is that you reap what you sow. In other words, you get out of life, what you put into it.


It’s such a simple adage, yet soooo many people let it fly over their heads.


And they wonder why they’re broke.


They wonder why they’re unable to attract a mate.


They wonder why they’re fat.


They wonder why life is so goddamn hard.


I say, take a deep breath, and just look around.


Not everyone is struggling.


Not everyone is miserable.


Individuals exist who have defied the odds in so many ways, it seems unimaginable to some of us. Completely out of reach. Yet, the billionaires, celebrities, politicians, singers, professors, whatever…


Are all people, just like you and I.


They simply made different choices.


Fine, say that they had the right connections, genetic abilities, serendipity, and so on…


But do you really think that’s the case with every single fucking successful person on the planet?


Again, it’s just an excuse you may be using to justify your own lack of action.


At the end of the day, friend, you have more control over your life that you may have previously thought. As I wrote above – take a deep breath, and just look around.


Your success is your responsibility. It’s all waiting right there for you.


Go get it.

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