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Rocket Russian: The Best Russian Language Program in 2021…?

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Rocket Russian Review – Is it Worth it?


You’ve been thinking about learning Russian. Maybe this is your first experience learning a foreign language, or, you’ve already got a few languages under your belt, and you want to tackle another one.

Let’s face it – learning can be fun… and addictive!

So, what’s Rocket Russian? Let me tell you all about why this is probably the best BEGINNER Russian course out there.

But first, let’s address some key concepts about learning new skills in general.

What’s a very, very common mistake that lots of people make when it comes to learning a new skill?

They give up too quickly!

They aren’t committed. Hell, some people give up a few hours after starting something new. That happens for a bunch of reasons – lack of commitment, finding out they weren’t really as interested as they thought, or, they find out it’s not as easy as it looks.

I get it, and that’s completely fine.

To put things into perspective, I remember taking my first Mandarin Chinese class in university, way, way back.

At the time, there were two classes with about 30 students in each.

By the time the next semester rolled around, there was only one class.

As the semester wore on, more and more students either dropped out, or stopped taking things seriously…

Except for yours truly.

I went on to not only secure TWO scholarships to study in China, but I ended up learning Chinese to the point where I could run my own business and conduct myself entirely in Mandarin. I didn’t (and don’t) need a translator.

It didn’t take that long, either. Let me illustrate my point with this wonderfully artistic graph:

The green line represents your interest level. Initially, you’re excited. You’re already having dreams of visiting a new country and impressing the locals with your language skills.

However… as time goes on, you start to realize how much of a grind the routine can be. You feel like you’re plateauing – like no matter how much you practice listening and reading and occasionally struggling through a basic conversation, you’re not getting any better.

But, there’s light at the end of the tunnel! As long as you stick with it, you start to see an uptick in your skills. Suddenly, your sentences don’t sound so choppy. You can actually understand what most people are saying. Your interest is rekindled…

To the point where your vision is finally manifesting. You’re practically a native speaker now! Learning new words and phrases is effortless – you just pick it up, and you have fun with it. You’d feel just fine sitting to chat with a head of state, just as you would chatting with a friend.

The red line rises in sync. Depending on how much work you do, and how different the language is from your own, it takes anywhere between 2-6 months to really start grasping the basics. Improvement is slow, slow, slow at the beginning. And then… you look back at the stuff you were studying 6 months or a year ago, and think, ‘damn, this stuff is child’s play!’


Here’s where Rocket Russian comes into play:

Using Rocket Russian (or any Rocket language course, for that matter), will DRASTICALLY shorten the time it takes for that red line to start moving up rapidly.

This is what Rocket Russian does so beautifully. IT helps you build a rock-solid foundation to learn the language more and more.

This is KEY. The reason being, is because most people never get past the beginning stages, as I mentioned earlier.

Rocket Russian almost makes it HARD to throw in the towel, because not only does the price tag incentivize you (who wants to waste $100? Not me!), but on the left-hand menu, you’ll see a ‘ranking’ system that keeps track of how many points you have relative to the other users of the platform.

Plus, you’ll see how many days in a row you’ve been at it.

I ain’t perfect – I’ve broken some two or three week streaks before, and it felt bad, I tell you.

On top of that, the format of Rocket Russian’s lessons is fun and engaging.

Let’s be real – one major reason lots of people give up on learning a language, is because they get bored. They don’t see any real payoff. So, they throw in the towel.

But, with Rocket Russian, that shouldn’t be a concern. Besides being able to play back each dialogue, you also have the awesome feature of being able to ‘play along’ in each conversation – you choose which speaker you want to be, and the software will shift between playing the audio of the other speaker, while recording your voice for a few moments while you read the following line.

I just love using this feature, because you need to be quick. If you do this practice again and again, it really helps you build up your speed and nail down pronunciation.





Is Rocket Russian easy?


If you’re looking to learn anything, you need to eliminate the idea of certain skills being ‘hard’ or ‘easy’.

The reality is that almost anything new is going to be ‘hard’, but, over time, if you keep at it, it gets easier and easier.

Take walking, for example.

EVERYONE learns to walk. We have to. How many of us fell when we were trying to take those first steps?

All of us. All of us messed up. But you know what?

No matter how badly we failed, we had to get up, and get back at it. Giving up wasn’t an option. It had to be done.

Eventually, we got it. Next thing you know, your parents, grandparents, aunt, or whoever was guiding you through those first steps, is now struggling to get you to sit still and stay put! You’re running around all over the place! Balancing and putting one foot in front of the other is automatic. You don’t have to consciously think about it.

That’s how I can describe using Rocket Russian to learn Russian. It’ll still take some time and you’ll definitely still fumble your words here and there, but the key thing here, is that you’ll SHORTEN the time it takes to go from going one step at a time, to dashing off here and there.


Is Rocket Russian effective?

Using Rocket Russian to start learning Russian is something I wholeheartedly recommend.

The beautiful thing about it, is that you don’t need to study for hours and hours every day to start getting a grasp of it.

What I did was simple: One lesson a day, followed by a review of the previous day’s lesson. I finished the course in no time, but that doesn’t mean I was completely done – no sir!

I went right back to the beginning, with the aim of reading through every single lesson, while being able to understand every single sentence and word used in the lessons.

Once I mastered that, I finally moved on to another, more advanced program.


How long does it take to learn Russian with rocket Russian?

If you start using Rocket Russian to learn Russian, and you use the study framework I’ve provided in this post, you could potentially finish the course in two or three months. By then, you’ll be able to have basic conversations in Russian.

By that, I mean that if you were suddenly dropped in the middle of Moscow, you would be able to handle things on your own, on a basic level, without using English or a translator. I’m NOT saying you’d be able to chat about Marxist philosophy or Dostoevsky’s stories, but you’d be able to survive.


Is rocket Russian worth it?

In my opinion, Rocket Russian is definitely worth the investment. You get lifetime access to the course, and believe me, there’s a lot to take in there! You also have the right to download PDFs for each lesson, as well as download the audio from each lesson, so you can play it on your phone or in your car.

That’s a nice little technique I like to use. Instead of beep bopping along to some tunes (which is fine, it has it’s place), you can improve your language skills while on the move and learn something.


Is rocket Russian a scam?


Rocket Russian is not a ‘scam’ in any sense of the word.

Although, unfortunately, there are people out there who think that merely buying a course or book means they’ve already done the work.

No, no, no, this just means that the work has begun. It’s up to YOU to put the work in.

What I will say here, is that learning Russian, like any skill, is pretty cut and dry.

You get out of it, what you put into it.

The person who puts 100 hours into listening to the dialogues, following along, and stays consistent every day, will be much further ahead than the person who puts in an hour here and there.

In this sense, results are guaranteed. Just do the work, and don’t stop!

However, if you are at all dissatisfied, they do offer a 60-day money back guarantee. I can’t speak on it though, because I did not request a refund, and I can tell you, after you buy the course, you will be so satisfied, that asking for a refund will not even cross your mind.




Is Rocket Russian good for beginners?

Rocket Russian is probably one of the top programs out there for beginner Russian learners, hands down.

Why? Because, not only is it FUN, but you get immense value for what you pay.

Look at it this way…

Yes, you can find countless dialogues and ‘free’ beginner courses on the internet. Sure.

However, how long is that going to take? Wouldn’t you be better served by starting to learn Russian TODAY, RIGHT NOW, instead of wasting hours and hours looking around for free materials?

Not to mention also, that it’s scientifically proven that we tend to value things that we have to work more for, as opposed to something we can easily acquire.

Yes, Rocket Russian comes with a price tag, but so does a Porsche. You get what you pay for!

Believe me, I know how tempting it is to just look around for the free stuff, but after you buy Rocket Russian, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You’ll know that it works, and it shortens your learning curve.


What features does rocket Russian include?

Rocket Russian is PACKED with easy-to-use, highly effective features.

First of all, you get access to tons of real-life dialogues that maximize the amount of useful vocabulary and sentence structures you’ll need to get around, while still keeping things simple enough so that you don’t just give up.

Secondly – and I really like this feature – you can have a ‘conversation’ with the dialogue. As I explained earlier, you can choose to be one of two speakers, and the software will alternate between playing the audio of the other speaker, while recording you reading the following line.

You also get writing practice, since Russian is written in the Cyrillic alphabet. Don’t worry – you can easily learn the alphabet in a day or two.

Plus, you get the survival kit lessons, which include supplementary materials about most of the themes in the interactive audio lessons, like numbers, booking a hotel, and so on.

On top of that, you get a built-in flashcard program at the end of every lesson, which lets you quiz yourself on everything you’ve learned. This is an incredibly useful program to use, because you can just keep taking the quizzes over and over again until you’ve nailed every single word or phrase.




So look, if you’ve been on the fence about learning Russian, whether just as a hobby interest, or maybe because you want to travel to Russian-speaking countries, do business, or even date people who speak Russian, then just get Rocket Russian. Get off the fence. Take that first step. Go read their site if you want even more information, even though I’ve given you pretty much everything you’ll need right here, coming from my own experience.



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