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The #1 Skill You NEED in 2022

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Whether you like it or not, we’re all being swept up into the chaos of the world nowadays, in some shape or form.

Most people weren’t prepared. They were caught blindsided. And, as we can clearly see, tons of people have actually gone along happily with the clown show – either because they really are dumb as rocks, or they’re just shit scared.

Lots of people are also playing the victim. They’re allowing present circumstances to influence them and make their lives miserable, instead of being proactive and figuring out a way to make things better for themselves!

That’s where this #1 skill comes in.

But before I tell you exactly what this potentially life-saving skill is, I want to share more about my background with you, and explain why I say that this skill is severely underrated…

Let’s rewind alllll the way back to 2005, when I took my first ‘solo’ trip to Mexico, at just ten years of age.

I took the plane ride on my own, from Vancouver to Mexico City, and then my aunt picked me up and took care of me for the whole trip, as was the arrangement.

It doesn’t seem like much, but this little trip was the catalyst for me becoming the self-reliant and fiercely independent individual that I am today.




The importance of adapting quickly to a new culture and environment, especially considering how quickly things are changing in the world

briefly go over my history of living in different countries, learning languages, adapting to different cultures

why is this so important? because the fact is that I see a lot of people acting like total idiots when they go to a new country. they make themselves look bad.

also, lots of people are looking for greener pastures these days. Governments around the world are violating people’s rights at an unprecedented level.

how can someone become more adaptable?

what about people who have no plans of moving and are happy where they are?

what are the benefits of being adaptable in this manner?

america is not the world

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