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The Most Honest Review of the Andrew Tate PhD Course

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Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan Tate, basically took the internet by storm in about mid-2018.

Or maybe that’s just what I saw.

After a brief search for Andrew Tate online, you’ll be hard pressed to find an article or video where his numerous accomplishments aren’t mentioned.

World Kickboxing Champion.

Multimillionaire webcam pimp.

Visited over 70 countries.

Chess adept.

And, most pertinent to this article – international playboy.

As an ambitious young man, I couldn’t help but marvel wide-eyed at how incredible his life seems.

The guy has it all, right?

Thing is, even though seeing him flaunt his possessions and speak to his audience without a politically correct filter is a breath of fresh air, when it comes to any social media, only the best aspects of our lives are shown.

Andrew Tate talked about it before, but he didn’t come from money.

In fact, he’s gone over how he and his brother, Tristan Tate, struggled financially for quite a few years in their early 20s while pursuing excellence in kickboxing.

This article is a review on the course he released in late 2018 called the ‘PhD course’ – PhD meaning ‘pimpin’ hoes degree’. 

Ha ha.

The Andrew Tate PhD Course

Price: When I bought the Andrew Tate PhD course, it was priced at 250 GBP.

And yes, I actually did buy it from, although I know that the Andrew Tate courses have been pirated multiple times over.

In Canadian dollars, that translated to about $480. Not cheap.

Himself and so many others on ‘that side of Twitter’ were hyping it up – which they have done previously, when it came to shilling products from Christian McQueen.

I’ve never bought or even considered investing in any product related to picking up women, since I utilized a ton of free resources and took action consistently.

However, when a guy like Tate, who seemingly gets REAL results with women, chooses to package the bulk of his mindset and philosophy into a course online for the world to access, and since I personally never encountered someone even close to his level, I figured why not.

The guy has obviously got things with women figured out (or does he?).


At the time I bought it, the Andrew Tate PhD course contained two videos – the initial video running for about 1:45:00, and a supplementary half-hour one where he answers some questions submitted to him by people who purchased the course.

The first video, he admits, is a bit scatterbrained. He justifies it by saying that his head is brimming with information, so it’s not easy to condense it all into a brief presentation.

Or maybe he just didn’t want to bother writing a script.

He starts out by acknowledging that the Andrew Tate PhD course isn’t going to tell you to get in shape, get your money up, and live a more interesting lifestyle –  since you should be in the process of doing those things already.

After all, he admits that he was doing pretty well with women when he and his brother Tristan Tate were broke.

He then begins with the first major segment of the course – how to message a girl on Instagram – and progress from there.

The key concept of the entire course is that men have 1 weapon…


It is IMPERATIVE that you make your attention more valuable.

Some rules are ironclad and cannot be broken, while others have exceptions.

An exception would be that some women you fuck on the first date will be worthless, while some girls you fuck on the first date will be fiercely loyal to you and be fantastic girlfriends.

But how will you know? He shares his secrets in the Andrew Tate PhD course.

Some ironclad rules:

You cannot allow a woman you’re in a relationship with to have male friends. Period. This is understandable, because on the one hand, why would any woman in a committed relationship need attention from any man who is not her boyfriend or husband?

Women are programmed to share an alpha male.

She gives sex for attention, while men give attention for sex.

The goal with women is to fuck her. Every move you make should be progressing towards that goal. Once you accomplish this, the dynamic should change in your favor. If it doesn’t, then that girl needs to go.

You can’t play fair – many women lie, so that means you need to fib a little (or a lot) as well. I don’t agree with this entirely. why would you continue to see a woman who you suspect is lying to yo, and why would you choose to stoop down to that level as a man?

Every message from you to her is supposed to be easy and compelling to respond to. IT’s the art of conversation.

Do not be boring. Evoke emotion in her, whether that’s excitement, anger, sadness, joy, whatever. Just don’t always answer questions dead on. The point of spending time with women, as opposed to men, is to relax and be playful. 

Everything you say needs to come from a position of dominance. Own what you do. Be proud of it. Even if you’re not at the level in life that you really want to be, show confidence in your choices.

Girls generally prefer men who are older than them.


The Andrew Tate PhD course also contains some insights into modern relationship dynamics between men and women.

The current sexual marketplace is an extremely difficult place for many men. Men’s attention now suffers from hyperinflation – all chicks need to do is put pics on Instagram and the likes come pouring in! But tons of girls get attention without giving sex, which is where a massive imbalance is created, and so many women develop an unrealistic idea of their worth as a partner.

Here’s a major mindset shift for most guys:

What would you rather do… lavish attention on her, invest a ton of time money and energy, do all this work… and possibly still not get anywhere with her?

… or give less attention, that she values over almost everything else?

Its about your positioning. It is possible to get to a point where you have more women than you can handle, but you need to work. The classic three areas are often preached – looks, money, and status. However, success is still not guaranteed, even when you have those things.

Another observation in the Andrew Tate PhD course, is that a lot of ‘red pill’ stuff is anti-women.

You won’t succeed if you dislike girls, and have a bitter attitude towards all of them.

Women think differently than men do.

You have to understand the rules of the game in order to win the game.

In fact, once you play the game to your advantage, you’ll find that the way women operate can play in your favor, because, again, women are designed to share an alpha male.

This is because (according to him), anything that has value, is valuable because of scarcity. It’s the reason why she’ll be happy to fuck a guy that doesn’t return her texts on time, call her, or want to spend every minute of the day with her…

As opposed to the dude that is at her beck and call, like a puppy dog.

In the Andrew Tate PhD course, he talks about how girls don’t necessarily care about money, but they are curious as to how you made it, since it’s not common. They do not care about numbers in your bank account, or paper bills in your wallet. What is appealing, however, is the lifestyle and fun that money can facilitate.

When it comes to the girls in your phone who you’re speaking to – why are you talking to them? If you don’t stand a chance at fucking them, why are you giving your attention away for free? You are essentially devaluing your most valuable assets – time and attention.

Instagram is the #1 dating app. Tinder works, but it’s not ideal, since there are plenty of hoes on there.

In order to get attention from certain women, you should show off a lot on Instagram.

If, in reality, you’re not working at a job you like or living a crazy lifestyle, you can lie – according to the Andrew Tate PhD course.

You can play it up. Don’t give straight answers when she asks you something like, ‘what do you do’? even if you are proud of it and it’s cool, like being a lawyer or hedge fund manager. Build intrigue. Make her wonder.

His example is, say you’re working at Starbucks. She asks you what you do. You say, ‘well I was in the upper levels of management, but now I work in the Starbucks stores and see how they’re run and report back to upper management without the employees in the street knowing who I am.’ Bam.

‘So you make a lot of money?’

‘Yeah but I’m putting my cousin through college’ or ‘ my grandma’s in the hospital and I’m covering her medical bills’.

Now not only do you not have to flaunt a bunch of wealth, but she sees you as compassionate and generous.

Essentially, never freely give away your life’s story. There’s nothing you can say that is more exciting than what she can think of herself.

If you choose to do so, your social media should incite her curiosity and make her wonder, ‘who is this dude?’ Make it clear you roll with hot chicks, so take pictures with attractive women often and put them up.

You don’t have to update all the time. Just make your first 5-6 pics amazing

If you don’t have money to flaunt, do the travel angle. Go somewhere exotic and take pictures.

On Instagram, you don’t want to post too many pictures with groups full of just men. It makes you look like you don’t get women, and it makes her think you’re not unique compared to the other guys.

No soy face (open mouth).

When you send her a message, just put the name of the city you’re in or will be visiting.



Flower Mound?

It all has to happen quick. If you step away for a bit then come back, she’ll forget and lose interest. Most girls on these apps are finnicky and impatient. They’re also getting hit with tons of messages from others guys.

Remember, progression.

Anyone can send her a DM.

So, get her number, or Whatsapp.

It’s more exclusive.

If she gives you bs, don’t reply. Ignore her. If you ask for contact info and she says ‘oh I don’t give out my #’ then just leave her hanging.

Don’t show that you’re emotionally affected when she does something you find unpleasant or disrespectful, even if you’re furious.

Usually they’ll come back to you and wonder what happened.

You can message tons of girls at the same time.

Schedule more than one date in a day, at the same place.

There’s no such thing as a woman who’s truly single. She’s at the very least talking to a few different guys at any given time, so you have to look GOOD and stand out.

When they give you bs, limit your attention. Yank it away.

In the Andrew Tate PhD course, he goes over how there are external factors which you have no control over.

Her grandpa died. She’s sick. She’s in love already. She failed a test, and so on. You might do everything right, but because of one of these issues, she just isn’t open to being sexual or romantic with you.

Text for max 2 days before you go on a date. 

If it takes any more than 2 days, it aint happening. If she makes the excuse that ‘she’s busy’, realize that it’s bs and women are on their phone all the time.

Here’s another lesson from the Andrew Tate PhD course:

Hot girls do not get ignored.

They want attention. They’ll resurface later with little moves, such as liking your pictures or sending you a message.

Dates – be confident, ask about her, don’t overstay. It’s always best to cut things short. End the date at the peak. Coffee is short. Prove you’re a real person and you’re not crazy.

In fact, another benefit of a short date is that the girl you’re messaging might not be as good looking as she is on social, so you want to get out of there.

After the 1st date:

Get flirtatious. You can talk like an adult. If she’s replying she likes you.

No movies.

No dinners.


Keep it informal.

Formal situations make things awkward, especially when you’re just getting to know each other.

If others are around it’s more chill, but only if your friends are cool and they don’t interrupt. They should want to help get you laid.

In fact, its best if your friend brings his hot girl.

You don’t jokingly insult your friend in this situation.

Don’t kiss at the end. Kiss in the middle of the date. Make it casual. Escalate. Move closer. Hand on leg.

Don’t ask her if she wants to come to yours… ask her if she wants to go home! Just take her.

Never go out of your way to take her home.

You gotta lead them.

Don’t ask twice. If she says she doesn’t want to come with you, then fine, let her go.

Then, he touches on how to set up a date and what to do on the date.

The perfect woman does not exist. She must obey you. Some women are more moldable than others

Every single hot girl has a personality disorder. They have attention dumped on them as soon as they grow tits.

Easy test:

You fuck her. You win. You have to fuck lots of women to figure out what you really want. Out of every 5 girls one will be decent.

Your attention needs to go to 0.

You set standards. Once you fuck her, you are in the position of power. If you fuck and she never talks to you again, she’s a slut, and she doesn’t want that stigma, so its in her best interest to reach out to you again. She wants to keep YOU.

Another test – make her buy you coffee.

If she can’t shill out $5 for your coffee? She needs to go.

Set the standards at the beginning of the relationship.

She has to see that your attention dropped, but not so much that she can call you out on it.

A quality woman will do what it takes to get your attention back up after you fuck.

A girl who would rather get a new dick, than buy you coffee, is not the kind of girl you want to be in a relationship with.

In person approaches –

Get her attention first. ‘excuse me’ then pause for a moment, let her look at you.

‘you’re beautiful’.

If she’s not going to humble herself to text you first the day after you fuck, then she never will. Hoe.

If they pass this test, they are quality

You want to become her everything – her idol in life. Losing you would destroy her.

It doesn’t matter if you fuck someone else. You want the girl so on lock, that she’s okay with you cheating.

Do not give her attention when she’s misbehaving. In a relationship, girls should want sex more than they get it. YOU should get it whenever you want. If she refuses… she needs to go.

At the end, he really goes deep and discusses a point that very few dating coaches and pickup gurus ever elaborate on, if they even touch on it, and that’s RETENTION.

Once you learn how to pick up a few girls here and there, the next logical progression is keeping her around, and getting her hooked on you.

My Take on the Andrew Tate PhD Course:

On the one hand, I applaud anyone who is willing to invest in themselves and improve their lives. Courses can help with that…

BUT – and this is a major problem I see with people buying educational products – IT WILL ONLY BENEFIT YOU IF YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT POSITION TO APPLY THE KNOWLEDGE.

What does that mean?

Well, ask yourself – how are you doing financially?

If you can’t even rent a decent apartment in a nice part of town, then get on that first.

Even if you manage to seduce a chick and lead her back to your place, make sure it’s at least in a safe area, and that your home is clean and organized.

Also, where are you located?

Listen, you can have the best game in the world, drive cars like Andrew Tate, have a six pack and all that…

But if you’re living in the middle of buttfuck Nebraska, it’ll still be hard for you to adopt this lifestyle (nothing against Nebraska).

Let’s be real: the hottest girls flock to the glitz and glam of big cities.

So, follow suit. If you’re not already in one, move to or very close to a major city.

Third, how are your looks? Are they maxed out? If you’ve read other parts of this blog, then you’ll know where this is going. We can’t control the hand we were dealt, but we sure as hell can take it pretty far.

Get in the gym, slim down, clear up your skin, get a nice haircut, buy some fitted clothes, and you’ll be making things a million times easier for yourself, trust me.

Finally, do you have a fun lifestyle? You don’t have to be Dan Bilzerian, but do you do fun shit, such as go on trips, party, or play sports? 

Do you have some solid friends you can go out with? Ideally, do you know other girls you can go out with (as friends)?

You’ve probably read about social proof before, and believe me – THERE IS NO BETTER SOCIAL PROOF THAN BEING SEEN IN PUBLIC WITH A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN ON YOUR ARM (or two, or three… the more the merrier, as they say…).

All of these factors contribute to one thing that is emphasized in the Andrew Tate PhD course – women will fuck a man they respect.

If you’ve got your money right…

You’re looking good…

Enjoying an exciting lifestyle…

Then it would be a no-brainer for most girls to at least give you a shot.

I have nothing against Andrew Tate. He’s entertaining. He makes some good points, but consider this purchase carefully.

I’ve given you a lot in this one post. Not to mention that if you look through his Twitter, you could piece together most of the components of the course… for free.

Now, I understand that there’s a commitment bias when it comes to paying for information vs just getting it for free.

The notion is that when you pay for it, you’ll value it more and be more likely to take action on it.

Thing is… anyone who has the cash on hand to buy this course would most likely learn more about women just by dropping that money on some dates and getting some first-hand experience.

Or not. Some guys really are thick and need to be hammered with the same lesson again and again until they finally ‘get it’.

At the end of the day, I don’t recommend buying the Andrew Tate PhD course.

“Oh, but the commissions bro!”

Sorry, but I have too much integrity to be a shill for something which I don’t 100% believe will help someone. 

If you do want to buy the course, go to and find it there.

I welcome your comments and thoughts. 

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  1. I think this part is missing something? What is it? Good content by the way! “Don’t ask her if she wants to come to your house… ask her if she wants to go home! Just take her.”

  2. Nothing against redpill knowledge. Looks/money/status/game absolutely matter. But this guy is not only a narcissist, but a complete sociopath. If you feel the need to lie to girls in order to get laid, it makes you a scumbag. If you have the need to fake a lifestyle you dont have, it means you are insecure.

    There are nuggets of truth in there buried under alot of poison. Should you make more money? Sure. Should you max our your looks? Sure. Should you learn game? Sure. But if you are creating fake shit on instagram and lying to chicks just so they think you are cool, you’ve got bigger problems then picking up chicks. Yes, hot and stupid girls lie since they are hoes. But you are stooping to their level when you play the same games as them. Also, not all girls are trashy hoe bags.

    Additionally, this guy is a scumbag and a fraud. He rips people off with these courses, and normalizes sociopathy. Redpill knowledge has value, but good lord this guy takes it too far. He clearly grew up in a severly fucked up household.

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion here. I’m not going to make value judgements on the guy, because I don’t know him personally. You have to give it to him, though – he’s a brilliant marketer. He understands what people want to see, and he gives it to them. As a result, he and his brother have made some decent money.

  3. I literally laughed the whole time. This dude has some serious issues.
    First of all,no quality girl would ever want this crazy self centered prick…
    And secondly,he just says things virgin rejected weirdos want to hear:”it’s not that I’m a douchbag, it’s the women that are hoes, it’s not my fault that I’m continuosly rejected, it’s them that are inferior”:))
    And all the girls that come “home” with him,just want his money, they aren’t with him for his “dominant personality” or because he gave them attention in just the”perfect amount” but for some good time that his money can provide.
    yea… I’m sorry that you spent so much money on such bs…

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