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Why 99% of People FAIL at Making Big Money

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My goal with this post is to simplify a seemingly complex subject that everyone and their grandmother has an opinion on.

99% of what you hear and read about money is not entirely true.

As they say, ‘there are levels to this’.

Let’s start from the beginning.

The standard life script is to go to school, get into a good university, and get a good job. Hooray! You’re set for life.

100k salary a year? You’re rich!

Not exactly.

The first level is the one almost everyone is stuck at: directly trading time for money.

This includes people working at McDonald’s, as well as professional football players. One of the key differences here, is that pro athletes earn a ton compared to the average Joe, so even though they’re trading time for money, at least they’re making a lot of it. Let’s be real – if someone offered you to work for $1000 an hour, most people would leap at the opportunity.

Other things to address in the article:

  • Bs personal finance advice, like skipping on buying coffee, clipping coupons, going out less, finding cheap flights, hunting for deals, waiting for sales, buying things on clearance, and basically tripping over a dollar to save a dime.
  • A lot of the wealthy people who spout mainstream financial advice don’t actually follow that advice. In fact, a lot of them end up getting paid handsomely to attend speaking engagements to share stories and anecdotes that may motivate and inspire you… but don’t actually give you concrete information that can change your life. They get paid to talk about personal finance… by you.
  • Investing is not actually useful for people who make a regular salary. Investing is for people who already make and have lots of money
  • For regular people like you and I, money is an exchange of value. You pay me $10, I give you something that you agree is worth $10. Where does this money come from? Other people. You get money from other people.
  • In order to get money from other people, you have to find out what they want, and give it to them
  • Formal education is not the path to wealth. The vast majority of formal education does not actually equip people with the hard skills necessary to serve other people by solving a problem or fulfilling a desire. Why do you think after 12 years of government schooling, almost all high school graduates are seen as incapable of doing anything else except working entry-level or minimum wage jobs? Don’t you think they could have learned a way to serve people in exchange for money in those 12 years? But wait – who runs the schools? The government. What does the government want? Taxpayers. Who are the best taxpayers? People who are TRAPPED working the majority of their lives away and no longer have the creativity or awareness to understand that they themselves need to get the skills to serve the needs of the market
  • If you work a job, think about who you work for. Are they really ‘smarter’ than you? Probably not. At every single job I worked, within a short amount of time, I realized I could do the job better than them, yet, they were doing less and getting paid more.
  • You only earn a fraction of the value you generate as an employee. Way back in the day, when I worked at McDonald’s, I was earning a whopping $8 an hour. Or was it $8.50? Regardless, the amount was insignificant. Yet, I remember seeing that during out peak hours, we’d average about $500 in sales. Even after you do the math and take the amount of employees on shift, taxes, materials cost, utilities, and all that, my labor was generating more than $8.50 in value for the company. Again, we turn back to athletes. Even though some of these guys are making a million dollars and more a month, the league they play for is making multiple times more than that off of them.
  • You will meet many people in your life – some ‘smart’, and some ‘dumb’. What’s really funny, is that I’ve met guys who couldn’t spell or write a coherent sentence in English, yet, they were killing it financially and socially. This truth took me a while to realize: you don’t have to be superman to make a lot of money. You don’t have to know 5 languages and read tons of books on all these different topics and meditate and eat a perfectly clean diet and look like a fitness model and be a total go-getter. Will those things enrich your life? Absolutely. However, in reality, as long as you can do ONE THING for others that they will pay you money for, you can just be nonchalant about the other areas of your life. I’ve had dinner with multimillionaires who drank tons of liquor, smoked like chimneys, were definitely not in the best shape, did not read much at all, and almost never traveled anywhere, let alone within their own country. This kind of goes back to the school system – generally, people agreed that the kids who got good grades were ‘smart’. Oddly, many of those same kids did not do well in dating, did not have a vibrant social life, did not go on to make a lot of money, and were not in good physical shape. They just shut up and did whatever nonsense tasks they were presented with in school.
  • WHO is selling something is almost as important as WHAT is being sold.
  • You can use money strategically to earn more. The logic behind paying for higher education is somewhat valid – people are under the impression that by paying for a program and doing the work, you will most likely graduate and find a job that allows you to recoup the money used to fund your education. However, as we can plainly tell by all the kids with master’s degrees in English Literature working at Starbucks, this doesn’t always happen. Is that the college’s fault? No. Colleges are businesses. If there is a demand for people who want to spend 4 years to get a degree in English Literature, it would only make sense for them to capitalize on the demand and fulfill it. Whether or not a student gets a job due to the skills learned in college is the responsibility of the student. On the other hand, a computer science major will most likely have a much easier time finding a job, because he’ll learn solid skills that can be used to solve problems that the market has a demand for. However, an unpopular truth is that college is not the only place to learn skills that you can use to fulfill market demand! But wait, why is ‘alternative education’ so looked down upon? Well, remember who runs the schools? The government. If employers are willing to hire people without degrees, then fewer people go to college. If fewer people go to college, colleges make less money… which means that the government makes less money! AH HAH! It’s a giant circle jerk! Why do you think virtually every government job requires applicants to have a degree, even if it’s in a completely irrelevant field? It’s all about the money.
  • Let’s also talk about debt. Again, levels. At the lowest level, you have people who live hand to mouth off their credit card. You have kids racking up crazy amounts of debt from shopping, trips, and of course, school. Don’t be like them. The second level, is where most of the middle class lies – their life is still primarily financed by debt. Car loans, mortgage, using a credit card for almost all purchases. The next level is those that abhor debt and pay for everything in cash, or debit. This is a safe choice for most, especially considering that the two lower levels are just atrocious ways to live, since it can all come crumbling down at any moment. However, the level after that, is recognizing that debt can be useful leverage. Again, you can use money strategically to get ahead. If you take on debt and you’re almost certain you’ll be able to recover that amount plus more from an investment, then do it, but make sure it’s a calculated risk, and it doesn’t hurt either to actually have the amount you’ve taken out as debt already in cash, so that in the event that things don’t go the right way, you can just pay the debt off immediately
  • People get jealous and hate the rich. This is wrong. Why allow your judgement and ability to reason become clouded? If someone has what you want, the smart thing to do would be to humble yourself and do your best to emulate them. I think most poor or middle class people feel this resentment because they feel like they work so hard and yet receive such pitiful rewards… which is true. However, you’ll never dig yourself out of that hole by vilifying the rich and perpetuating maxims like ‘money is the root of all evil’, because it’s not. POVERTY is the root of all evil. There are tons of ‘progressives’ and socialists and people who try to think critically to figure out a solution to all the issues regarding money. They rant and rave and continue to point out the myriad of injustices that happen in the world because of people’s actions regarding money. Thing is, this stuff probably isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Not to mention also that if you really want to cause a change and shift in the world, it would help to cover your own bases first and get the money you need to live a happy life and also have enough to give back and help those in need.
  • Here’s something else that really took me awhile to get over: you don’t have to be intelligent to make a lot of money. You don’t have to be a genius. In fact, there are lots of pretty dumb people out there who get money.
  • Another myth that flys around the poor and middle class, is that you can’t get rich until you’re older. Wrong. There 18 year olds out there making more in a week than some 40 and 50 years olds make in a YEAR in their ‘career’.


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