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How often do you find things not going your way? Do you feel like it’s selfish of you to want things to be easy for you? Do you feel like, if you win, then that implies that others must lose?

If you answered, ’yes’ to any of these questions, then you might just be tolerating too much bullshit in your life.

Unfortunately, I see tons of people, especially men, who allow bullshit to slowly trickle into every nook and cranny of their lives, until finally, they realize they’re about to drown in it!

Guys who settle for a woman that they’re not actually very attracted to

Guys who keep working the same job (that they dislike and drains them of vital energy), instead of creating an exit plan for themselves so that eventually, they can either get a better job, or earn money from their own business

Guys who let the stress get to them and start having a beer after work, instead of a glass of water. Guys who plop down on the couch and watch Netflix, instead of going to the gym or learning a new skill.

Guys who repeatedly convince themselves that they’re ‘naturally introverted’ and that ‘women aren’t interested in them’.

Guys who still dress like they did at age 15 and find it overwhelming or pretentious to consider even heading to the mall and trying on some new, well-fitting, stylish clothes.

You get the idea.

The kicker, is that a lot of guys aren’t even aware of this stuff. Worst of all, some are, but they feel boxed in – like it’s not even worth making an effort to change, because they’d ‘fail’, they’d be judged, and they’d feel like it’s ‘fake’.

Well, here’s the thing…




For example,

I could never imagine myself getting fat. Never. Granted, I’ve always been on the leaner side, but that’s because of conscious decisions I made in the past.

Here’s an example of decisions I could’ve made, and decisions I did, in fact, make, regarding what I tolerate about my body. Can you guess which ones I made, in order to look like this?

As opposed to this?

  • Eat sweets and bread every day
  • Eating one meal per day
  • Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise every day
  • Drinking soda and beer
  • Drinking water and tea
  • Making friends with fit, healthy people
  • Making friends with sick, overweight people
  • Adopting proper sleep habits by going to bed early and rising with the sun
  • Staying up far into the night and sleeping in
  • Signing up for a gym membership no matter where I go
  • Constantly browsing workout programs and diets, but never actually following them
  • Walking into a grocery store and only buying what’s on my list, then leaving

Call me elitist, but from my perspective, I totally cannot fathom how or why anyone could allow themselves to gain an excessive amount of weight and not be in panic mode. The benefits of being fit, or even jacked, far outweigh the pleasures of indulging in manufactured, toxic sweets and other foods.

  • Respect from all people
  • Admiration from men
  • Attraction from women
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-discipline
  • A healthier, more focused mind
  • Better finances
  • Better relationships

You might be scratching your head here. ‘how does being fit correlate to better finances and better relationships?’

Because, man, it all goes back to what you’ll tolerate.

If you won’t tolerate letting yourself go a bit and pigging out on chocolate cake every day, you probably won’t tolerate making so many impulse purchases when you walk into a store and see a promotion for something you never previously knew existed.

If you won’t tolerate skipping or being late for a workout, you probably won’t tolerate being late for a date, or a date showing up late for you.

As a result, you actually become happier. You have less bullshit to deal with.

Believe me, I’ve been on the other side of the bullshit spectrum before.

I’ve spent more than I earned.

I’ve taken girls out that had already shown me a lack of respect.

I’ve worked for and with people who abused me, but I feared being able to find another source of income, so I stayed.

I’ve gone and partied excessively and then regretted it when I was late for a client meeting.

However, if you learn anything from my failures, it’s that your tolerance of bullshit can only go so far. Refer back to the initial analogy I made, about being drowned in bullshit. It happened because you just tolerated it too much, and then it gets to the point where you literally cannot avoid the pain that you’ve caused yourself. Change isn’t something you wish for or research at that point… it’s absolutely necessary for your survival!

When you’re in overdraft, you’ll wish you’d been more disciplined in your spending.

When you’re $50,000 in debt, you’ll wish you’d considered how you’d recoup the money you spent.

When your girl starts nagging and even insulting you, day in and day out, you’ll wish you’d set some ground rules at the start of the relationship.

When your joints and your back are making it excruciatingly painful for you to make even the slightest of movements, you’ll wish you’d taken the time to eat right and at least take a walk every day.

For a lot of people, that’s what it takes to really, deeply understand the error of their ways. For many, it never gets to that point. For many, they just die, probably because of all the bullshit they tolerated.

Don’t let that be you. Check yourself. Set higher standards for yourself. What are some poor habits that you’ve slipped into? Declare that you won’t tolerate them anymore.

Share what you will no longer tolerate in the comments below. Perhaps someone else will recognize one of their mistakes and endeavor to correct them.

Sebastian Castillo

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